The Mandala Collection is a trio of limited edition silver-plated caddies adorned with traditional designs crafted from enamel in bold contemporary tones. The caddies in this unique collection represent ornaments and interiors found within the great palaces of Rajasthan.
Inspired by the decorative arts of India, each caddy bears a floral motif that mirrors a regal Indian design adorning a historical fort or palace.

The intricate and colorful mandala on each caddy represents beauty, synergy with nature and above all, the flavors of royalty. This precious trio
elevates the practice of drinking tea to a divine experience, celebrates the history of tea and makes a perfect gift set or individual offering for friends, family and discerning collectors.

Jodhpur Mandala Caddy White/Red W88 mm, D88 mm, H90 mm

Tasting Notes

Vary between types of tea

The Perfect Cup

PLEASE NOTE that each caddy is supplied empty to fill with a tea of your choice. Select from our range of Loose Leaf Tea Cartons


Vary between types of tea. Perfect size match available from Heritage Carton Collection.


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