GIFT BOX 30g / 6 flowers

Newby flowering tea is a small bundle of green tea leaves and flowers bound together. We steep in hot water, each blossom magically unfurls into a stunning floral display. From the selection of the flowers and the leaf prior to its creation the quality is rigorously expected. We pride our flowering teas to be unique in every sense. As only the finest quality green teas are selected to create our handmade flowering teas, the taste as good as they look. To be able to enjoy our flowering teas one has to observe them carefully when they are blooming. Flowering teas are generally served in glass cups to enjoy the beauty of blooming.

Tasting Notes

Cup: unfurled flower, translucent jade-coloured infusion Aroma: floral, fruity Taste: depends on the flavouring Finish: smooth

The Perfect Cup

Place one flowering bulb in one cup of freshly boiled water cooled to 70-80C. Watch as the bulb blossoms and comes to life in a visually striking display.


Green tea, red lily flower, jasmine flower, globe amaranth flower and marigold flower. Blueberry, lychee and jasmine flavourings.


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