Surprise your tea-loving friends and family with a gourmet selection of mini caddies filled with Newby’s finest loose leaf tea. Each gem-toned tin holds an explosion of flavour, locked into rare and high-quality blends. From delicate green Taiwanese Special Formosa to rich and malty Golden-Tipped Rare Assam, this selection is presented in a sleek gift box, offsetting the opulent finish of five individual 125g taster caddies. It’s the perfect way to please the curious and connoisseurs alike.

Tasting Notes

Discover Taiwanese Special Formosa, a delicate green tea with curled jade leaves and a sweet taste of honey. Majestic Himalaya impresses with its smooth, silky taste and muscatel aroma, while Supreme Jasmine is a floral Chinese green tea infused with fragrant jasmine blossoms. Two popular blends are also present at a whole new level of quality. Golden-tipped Rare Assam seduces with its aroma of brown sugar and malty richness, and Prime Darjeeling is a prize-winning Himalayan blend from the second flush – complex and full-bodied.

The Perfect Cup


Black Tea, Green Tea


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